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Related article: Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 16:44:50 +0100 (BST) From: Chaim Subject: Adventures of Two Brothers Chapters 1 and 2Adventures of two brothersPart 1 and 2By Chaim (bchaim)(NS: M/t/t (t+), oral/anal/first time/bond)September '05.This story is fiction and has nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We all human beings! I just wrote it from my own perspective.Thanks to Ray!Comments and suggestions are welcome of two brothersPart 1--------------------------I was just a kid, trying to survive and get my way to West Bank. I feared for my little brother, who left me a week ago. I knew I had to find him! He didn't return after a long and confusing adventure.My only chance was to joining a group of men who traveled through the West Bank with a group of Camels to the Jordanian border.I was damn nervous and stood in front of the strong Man who was in charge of this trip. He looked at me and said,"We need only need real man here. Are you strong enough to be a man, boy?""My name is Joshua and I'm strong enough, I can prove that!"I tried to sound as mean as he did and tried to look strong and mature.The man didn't smile. He came over to me and pulled at the arms of my white Nike T shirt. He felt the muscles in my arms and said,"Not bad for a little boy, like you. Someone took good care of you. Let me see your other muscles, boy."I followed his order and took my white T shirt in my hands and took it over my head. He stopped me and he simply said,"I don't have time for a slowly striptease boy. Strip down and let me see your muscles."I wondered what he wanted and didn't like the idea. I wanted to join them and had to go along. I quickly pulled my T shirt over my head. This way I showed him my armpits and my smooth well defined chest. I hoped for some real approval and I could see his eyes a strange flash of admiration.He ordered with a nod of his head,"Drop those tight jeans, boy!"This was too much!"What do you want to see? I am a man if you doubt that!""You want to get out of here now, or do you drop your pants now, my cute pretty boy."I didn't reply but worked my jeans down over my slim hips. My cock was already half hard and I felt embarrassed. I stood there just in my white boxers with my jeans around my ankles.I stood nearly naked in front of him. I looked at him and he gave me a silent nod. I sighed and took the waistband of my white boxers and they dropped also to my ankles.The man walked around me and stopped behind me. His fingers rubbed over my back and lowered slowly to my smooth asscheeks.I pulled away from him and said,"You can't do that!"He ignored my words and stated,"We can use a boy like you around here. The men around here get horny all the time and your tight little ass looks real nice, boy."I didn't wait for more, just pulled my jeans back up; his reply over my ass was so cruel and embarrassing.He walked to my front and I could see his powerful frame. He simply pushed my shoulder very hard and I fell to the dirty ground, I yelled in surprise and shock.He was on top of me in a flash taking my wrists in his strong hands. He turned me around between his strong legs and said,"Boy, you are maybe dumb fucker. I offered you a job, but you still can say `no'; think about it, but be fast.But, my little boy, remember you will not leave this spot without my manly cock deep inside your tight little ass hole."He told me that as a Lolita Girls matter of fact and was already unbuttoning his fly. In a flash I could feel the head of his cock against the smooth skin of my exposed asscheeks. I felt his strong fingers probing and he started to push my asscheeks apart. I grunted and my cock stayed hard.------Part 2------It all started during a trip through the Negev desert. We were together with a group of teens. I was only eighteen and just finished my high school. My little brother, Nathan, was only fifteen and at school. He is a good looking teen with curly black hair. Nathan left our tents early in the morning and came back real excited,"Joshua, there is a swimming hole!"I tried to sound mature when I told him that our leader told us not to leave the campgrounds without his permission. We were far away from Palestinian territory, but still security first."We can't go there!"Nathan got angry and yelled at me,"To the hell with you. I go to that swimming hole, it is save here. Man, I need a cold and good swim."He took his towel and I shouted at him,"Nathan, don't!"Nathan stopped in his tracks and stopped. Looking at his angry face I smiled. He is not to be stopped when he is angry. Nodding to him I said with a deep sight,"Relax, you win, we'll walk. I'll come along with you."Before we left I took my towel and left a note for the leader Michael, telling him about our little swimming trip. Just in case something might happen and we didn't get back in time. Michael told us never to ignore water (we were in the dessert, so take it with you), fire, (nor the sun) and the danger of terrorists.It was an half hour later we found my brother's small swimming pond. Nathan was right; it sure looked good and it was already a very hot day. An half hour in the desert made us sweaty and dirty.I looked at my brother as he pulled off his shirt and I started to think he looked damn good. I noticed the way he was growing up. He was only fifteen, but he already he had some real muscles. His baby fat was gone and his tanned skin was smooth; there was only a patch of black hair down at the base of his boy cock. He worked out a lot with his shirt off in our garden and so he had a real tan line.He finished taking down his cut off jeans and looked at me,"Joshua, what are you waiting for?"He caught me by surprise. I knew, I looked at his young body in a `strange' way. I admired his young body. I loved his body, healthy, young and smooth. Stroking my cock sometimes in bed I dreamed about him, my little kid brother.He was only fifteen!Sometimes I feel my cock rising and can't stop it, just playing with it. We shared a room and we are real brothers. I stroked my cock and felt great looking at his handsome body. I try to keep those thoughts out of my mind during the day. I am his older brother and I have to look after him. He needs my protection."Come on, Joshua, take your clothes off."Nathan smiled at me and finished taking down his jeans. He turned and looked at me."What are you waiting for, Joshua?"I slowly stripped my own jeans down. I felt a little embarrassed. My teen cock was already half hard and it didn't feel good to show my kid brother my boner.Slowly I turned around.Nathan just smiled; I saw his surprised eyes and his eyes were at my teen cock. I just ignored him and jumped into the cold water. The water was nice and cool around my body. I started to swim around and felt so good.Nathan stood there naked and he hold his hands on his hips. He dived in and swim with me. I felt his smooth body and we started to wrestle a bit. It felt so good to feel his skin. I really liked it to be with my kid brother this way.We played and fought. We were out of breath and leaned Lolita Girls against the sand, our teen bodies Lolita Girls under the water and talking.He smiled at me and asked me,"Can I ask you something personal?"I told my brother to go on."You are older and I like you. We share a room and I have seen you naked. Well we are both naked now."Nathan gave me a puzzled look."It's about my cock, you know. Please, don't laugh. It is stupid I know but my cock keeps getting hard."I laughed a little nervous and tried to hide my excitement."Hell, that's good, little brother.""My cock is hard, just talking about it to you.""Nathan, that's normal, I know."Nathan looked down and smiled.He simply said, "I stroke mine"Nathan moved his body a little closer to me in the water. His skin felt so good and my teen cock was rock hard. I really liked being with him this way.I kissed his chin and moved away quickly. Confused I went out.I went towards the tree where I left my clothes. I was sure I knew were I left them, but they were not there!Turning to my kid brother I yelled at him,"Nathan, where are our clothes?"Nathan was all the way on the other side of the pond. He smiled at me and shouted back,"Hey man, I didn't touch them, really. But like to see you naked this way!"I turned back toward the palm tree. I searched around the area. I heard my kid brother; It was not a cry of pain, just shock and surprise."Joshua!"I turned around and saw him being taken from the water. Nathan had a rope around his body. I yelled his name and dove into the water. I swam to the other shore and I called out his name:"Nathan!"There was no answer.A second later I felt a rope coming down. Lolita Girls Someone hit me and my arms were tied next to my body. Someone very strong was taking my body. I was pulled right out of the water.There were a group of strong young man around me, dressed in battle dress.I saw my kid brother close to me. He was tied up like me.His hands and legs were bound. In a flash I remembered all the warnings about terrorists.They didn't talk, just simply took us to their camp.I felt fear and shame. I didn't protect my kid brother. The whole place was filled with young Palestinian terrorists. They looked like real warriors dressed in battle pants and with well trained naked torsos.There was Lolita Girls no way we could escape. The young men kept a respectful distance from us. Being naked and tied up! It felt scary and weird to be this way open and exposed like that. I couldn't help it; my cock was growing hard. It was sticking up and hitting my belly. The warriors didn't seem to mind, they just ignored us.A real huge man entered the circle.I knew by instinct, we were standing in front of their commander. I swallowed and asked him in Hebrew,"Sir, do you speak Hebrew?"He nodded his head and smiled at me. I continued and pleaded,"We are just Israeli high school kids, please don't kill us."He just stood there and was spreading his huge arms,"We are a Palestinian youth group. We are warriors and don't kill little kids, like you. But always remember, you are prisoners now. We just take what we want and we do what we want."His Hebrew was perfect. I looked at my kid brother and he looked at me. We were both confused. The commander stepped forward to me. He reached out and his strong fingers wrapped around one of my little red nipples.He squeezed on my tender flesh and I pulled away. Two young teens held me before I could take one step back.They held my hands in place and kept me from moving. I could feel the cotton of his thigh. Maybe the guy left of me was young, he was well trained. It was not an accidental touch. He wanted me to feel his power.Two other fighters grabbed Nathan's arms at the same way. The commander smiled to me and started to rub both my sensitive nipples. He pulled at them and pressed his fingers into my sensitive flesh. I groaned and I liked to feel his power.He looked at my hard teen cock and simply said,"I think you like this...."It was not a question, just a statement. I asked him,"Please, what do you want?"He laughed and said,"We got what we want, boy."He reached down and wrapped his hand around my hard cock. I groaned and stopped breathing for a second. The humiliation was great, being jerked off in front of my kid brother and this group of young fighters. I looked and saw the commander wrapping his other hand around Nathan's kid cock."You are a smart kid; you know the rules of Islam. We don't discuss the fact a man can be straight or gay. We are real man and straight forward about sex. We don't have any woman around. You understand that? Israeli's think it is good to have woman in their army. We fight like real man."I looked at him and said,"Please, sir, my brother is just a kid. Don't hurt him. I will do or give whatever you Lolita Girls want."Nathan yelled,"Don't listen to my brother!"My kid brother yelled again,"I can take everything, he can. I am not a kid anymore, I am Lolita Girls fifteen and like your terror..., fighters, sir."There was a smile on the commander's face as he said,"I like you both. You are trying defend each other. You both like to act like a real man. I like that very much. We will take care of you. Don't fight us or try to escape and we will treat you with respect."The commander let his hands off our excited cocks. My cock juice must be dripping on his hand. I bowed my head and excepted my fate. He gave a signal to the young Palestinians holding us.The commander shouted some commands in Arabic and his voice was firm and powerful. I was glad I had taken some Arabic classes."These little Jewish boys are new to our training traditions. This is a special occasion to them. You may do what you want but I offered them respect. Always remember that!"In Hebrew he stated to us,"Look at the circle of my young warriors, my boys. Each of you may choose the one who will make you a real man. Well, what I mean, he will take your virgin ass and use you all the way."I swallowed hard and whispered,"Do you mean, sir, I have to pick a man who will fuck me?"I looked at the young men in the circle. They were all good looking and well trained. I turned my eyes to the commander and saw he was looking at me."You are also in this circle, sir?"He smiled down at me and said,"Boy, I am the best.""In that case, I choose you, to do what ever you want, sir."Nathan did his thing and I saw a large young Palestinian taking his arm.The commander took me and let me to a strange large wooden table. He simply pushed me down and said,"Your brother has chosen Mohammed. I am the commander and I am Achmed and you will remember me for the rest of your life.""Yes, sir, I know I will."I was still on my feet. The wooden table was the height of my waist. He pushed at my shoulders and I was bent forward, over it.He took my arms and pulled them forward to a strange post in the centre. Mohammed did the same to my kid brother directly opposite of me. We were holding hands.Our exposed asses were in the air.The commander inspected us and whispered something to Mohammed. There was a strange tension in the air and I closed my eyes. The commander slapped my face and told me,"Watch this, boy!"I did as ordered.Both stripped, a huge man and a teen. Slowly they dropped their army pants and stepped out of them.The commander gave me a smile when took down his pants. He was just in his boxers and the cotton showed the outline of his enormous cock."You are a little Jewish boy, watch! Look at my big cock which will fill you. Hate it, love it. You picked me!"He slowly took the waistband of his white boxers and stripped naked.Naked he stood there. His huge hands were on his hips and he looked at me.I looked at my little kid brother Nathan. He sweated and looked frightened.Young Mohammed was also naked and his teen cock was also big.Our four hands were all tied at the wrist. Nathan pressed his hands down and I knew he needed some comfort.The commander gave us some time to relax and he stroked my back with long slowly strokes. His hands wandered down and he massaged the muscles of my firm ass cheeks."Take it my boy, try to relax. You can't fight me and I know you need this. I saw your eyes."His hug cock shoved forward and he pushed it between my ass cheeks. He took his time and teased me a bit.I knew the same thing was happening to my kid brother. Mohammed followed his commander's moves.Pain hit my body when he shoved his cock inside me. He pushed his cock inside me in one powerful trust of his hips. It came strange enough unexpected and I yelled from pain and frustration.Achmed, my strong commander laughed and said to his strong teen brothers,"Watch this! I opened his little virgin ass! Never treat man like sissy's, they deserve better."He took his cock out and gave me a second to close my ass lips again. It felt so painful and I couldn't think. He pushed his huge tool against my teen hole again and shoved it back deep inside me. Bound the way I was, I yelled without thinking.Mohammed pushed my kid brother's body against the table. My brother Nathan opened his mouth in shock, taking his cock.The commander stroked my back when his cock moved in and out my no longer virgin ass hole. I did fight him and he just pushed at my shoulderblades and pushed me down at the wooden table.Feeling his huge cock in my little virgin ass hole was so painful! But my teen cock was hard and I could feel it was dripping. After the first shock, I came back to earth. The pain at my ass hole was still intense.Slowly I realized that there was a warm mouth around my teen cock. I felt some horror; nobody sucked me before.The man or boy? slid his warm lips over my begging and dripping teen cock. I felt horror but it was also a wonderful feeling. He took my cock all the way. Soon I felt his nose rubbing into the patch pf my public hair. He took my teen balls and hold them.I felt the commander's cock the same time. Taking his time the commander shoved his huge tool deep inside me, took it back and fucked me hard.He took my ass all the way and started to go deeper and deeper. Strange sensations hit me!I took it and loved it all the way."Sir, man, Achmed, please!"I groaned and tried to relax under him. I lost track of time and just was his little fuck boy. I forgot all my pride. The boy sucked me and I lay there with a big cock deep into my ass.I couldn't help it and shoved my teen cock back and forth. Taking my commander's moves."Oh my... hell...."My young balls hurt. My hands were bound and I accepted his power. I moved my hips up and down. I fucked the face of my still unseen Palestinian brother.I was in heaven and felt bad.Forced this way, being gay I opened my little virgin ass hole for him. Achmed was my chief and commander, master.I looked at my brother and accepted I couldn't protect him.He was there in the same position. Tears were running over his face. I felt so sorry for him.Mohammed took his little ass hole all the way.We looked at each other and I knew.The commander stroked my skin and felt my muscles. He groaned and I knew, he was getting close to an enormous orgasm.I had never had any sex, but I knew. Well I stroked my cock dreaming about a real man, dreaming about my little kid brother.Just thinking about him made me so hard. My balls pulled together and I couldn't help myself. There was that special feeling.I felt my cum rushing up."Oh man!"My cock head was big and it hit the roof of my unseen friend. I felt it, my teen balls were boiling!I accepted it all, his big manly cock deep inside my tight ass and a mouth around my teen cock. I trembled and groaned. I gave my cum.My cock pushed up, I was shooting my juice into his mouth and throat.In reflex I used my ass hole on Achmed. It tightened at the same time.My whole body had an orgasm."Oh my god, take me, fuck me, suck me!"The young boy took my load and eager swallowed my hot cum. The commander used my ass, deep and hard. Making me his willing boy.My ass hole pulled tight around his huge invading cock. His trust were getting harder and faster. I realized that my virgin ass hole and cock acted together. The commander's hairy balls were pressing up against my thighs and I felt his cock getting bigger.He shot his load deep inside me, his hot liquid splashed inside me. The commander took his still dripping cock slowly from my ass."You are really a great fuck, my boy!"He shouted some orders in Arabic and he slapped my ass hard.I grunted."Little one, you are a good boy."I looked over my shoulder and was shocked I saw that his warriors were removing their army pants. They lined up behind me."Please wait!" I shouted at the commander."You said what I may choose!""You are a good boy and you took the right decision to chose me. It was an honor to spread your virgin ass open before anyone else. Now my young friends will get a change to use your open ass. After all, that's what you're here for, remember?"I looked at my kid brother who stroked my bound hands. There was already another strong teen soldier behind him, pressing his cock into the boy's ass. A young teen stood behind me and he took my ass. I groaned and took it.I could hardly walk when they took us off the wooden table. They tied our hands behind our backs brought us back to the pond and washed us taking special care of our well used boy holes.I asked my kid brother or he was okay. I wondered about his emotions."Joshua, I am scared.""Don't, we are together. They didn't kill us. They will not, believe me. Don't get angry an stick to the commander's rules."------------------------------------------------------Reactions are very welcome at: want to read more?------------------------------------------------------
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